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Sota Sidekick 

Custom Displays and Promotional Items 

Most small businesses attend only a handful of events a year, so hiring a full-time employee doesn't make sense.


I am your high value, low cost solution

for event program management, display sourcing, and promotional items. 



Kayla Trettel, Owner and Event Manager

I'm a highly organized planner with a big love for creating engaging and effective event solutions for small businesses. I specialize in creating small spaces that pack a lot of punch. Clean aesthetics, functional spaces and solutions will leave your customers coming back for more!

Custom Display Sourcing

In today’s world, versatility is king. It's important to have customizable displays that allow for mixing and matching to best capture the target audience for that specific event. As a small business owner, everything you invest in needs to have multi-use and multi-purpose functionality. Whether you are looking for tradeshow display options, flooring, free standing backwall graphics, or literature stands, Sota Sidekick can help! 

Project Management 

The process of building out a tradeshow program can feel incredibly daunting. Digging in and doing the research, along with vendor sourcing, can quickly become a full-time job. Sota Sidekick’s background in event planning means we come to the table with trusted and vetted vendor resources. Simply let us know what your needs are and we will manage the process from start to finish, keeping you informed along the way to make sure your expectations and visions are being met. 

Swag & Giveaway Sourcing

Staying on top of the latest trends regarding swag and giveaways is part of what we do! Not only can we recommend great items for onsite, but we can also assist with the logistics of getting everything to the event. Having great swag on site ensures that you stand out and create an engaging space for attendees. 

Graphic & Print Production 

We can assist with the print production of graphics and signage for events! Whether you are looking for a simple pop-up banner, free standing backwall images, or even brochures, let us handle it!

Branded Apparel 

Having a clean, branded uniform will ensure that you look put together and ready to tackle any question that may come up at the booth. How your brand is presented directly impacts your staff's confidence on site, which leads to better and more meaningful conversations with attendees, allowing you to go home at the end of the show with warmer leads. Whether you are looking for general polos or customized tops and bottoms. We can help!

Administrative Support  

When it comes to the onsite planning process, show services like electrical, material handling, drayage, carpet/pad, shipping, etc. are often overlooked, but they can easily account for over 30% of your budget! With over 10 years of experience, we can help control costs when it comes to service ordering. As your trusted partner, we'll keep things moving, even as issues come up.

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