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Forest Lake

Meet the Team
Behind Your Books

You didn't start a business to do the books...

but we did.

QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified Pro

Eric Trettel, MBA
Owner & CEO

Eric is the owner and CEO of Sota Bookkeeping. As someone who has always enjoyed his career in finance, he always felt the pull to help people in a bigger way. Being a small business owner himself, he understands the importance of time management and the benefits of outsourcing when it makes sense.


Sota’s goal is to help business owners get back to doing the things they love, and fortunately for us, we love bookkeeping!

Other important things to know:

  • Grew up with the world's oldest chicken

  • 6th Grade Spelling Bee Champion

  • Shares name with villain of season 1, episode 12 of The Blacklist


Kayla Trettel
Marketing & Account Services

Kayla is head of marketing and account services. With a background in account management and client relations, she understands the importance of building genuine relationships.  Although a self-proclaimed introvert, she enjoys meeting and getting to know new people.

Kayla enjoys spending time with Eric and Petey, long walks with a good podcast (currently taking recommendations!) and traveling when time allows.

Other important things to know:

  • Homecoming Queen Runner-up

  • Starred as the Little Red Hen in 3rd Grade


Director of Zoomies

Petey is our canine companion, overseer of security (don’t worry, the bark is worse than the bite), and overall good boi. He may be an obedience school dropout, but he keeps spirits high and laughs abundant.

Other important things to know:

  • Knows how to sit, stay, and shake

  • Constantly on the lookout for predatory squirrels

  • Loves to burrow under all the blankets until playtime

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