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Meet the Person
Behind Your Books

You didn't start a business to do the books...

but I did.


Hello! My name is Eric and I'm the owner of Sota Bookkeeping. Once a farm boy from rural central Minnesota, I moved to Minneapolis in 2015 to further my accounting career.

In March of 2021, I made the biggest decision of my career and made the leap into self-employment. I’ve had an entrepreneurial mindset my entire life, so I knew it would happen eventually. An unexpected push came, and I decided there would never come a time where it would make more sense.


Sota Bookkeeping was born.

I started the company with the goal of providing freedom for me and my family. We took some time to define what "freedom" meant to us and set out to achieve it. Now, I'm helping other small business owners do the same.

I've found that many people want to start their own business, but the financial side of things is so intimidating that it holds them back. Sota Bookkeeping's goal is to alleviate that fear factor so that you can get back to doing the things you love, whether that's spending more time on your business, traveling, spending time with family, or just relaxing!


Since inception, Sota Bookkeeping has accomplished more than I could've ever imagined:

  • Served over 60 clients in various capacities in 9 different states

  • Frequently connect clients to work with each other and share services

  • Assisted clients through multiple rounds of series funding

  • Supported many clients in onboarding new employees

  • Helped clients become more efficient and cost-effective

  • Annually save clients over $5,000 in QuickBooks subscriptions and fees

I realize owning a business isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who dream about it, go for it! There will never be a perfect time. If you can’t afford to quit your full-time job, start a side hustle. If you think your product or service isn’t quite ready, just start selling. The feedback you receive will be more productive than you could've imagined. Whatever you do, make progress every day.


We have been told that we are supposed to find an employer, work hard, do what we’re told, and stay there for our entire career because starting your own business is risky. I think the opposite - it’s risky to not take that leap because you’ll never know what could have been. Even if things don't work out, you'll gain an incredible amount of knowledge that will only make your career path more successful.




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