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Payroll Services

Happy employees are essential for any business.  In order to have happy and hard-working employees, you need to make sure that you are paying them both accurately and on time.

Sota Bookkeeping's payroll services ensure that your employees are consistently compensated for their hard work.  I'll make sure they are paid on time and you're paying the right amount of taxes and deductibles on each check. Accurate pay statements are important to your employees, but also for your business’ taxes and overall financial success.

Benefit from payroll that is tailored to the needs of your business and employees.  By outsourcing, you can count on:

A Payroll Manager You Can Count On

With me as your payroll manager, I'll take every bit of information into consideration. From commissions and overtimes to pensions and raises, I'll catch every last dollar and cent.

A paycheck is simply an employee’s wage - deductions and allowances.  A deduction is an amount that is subtracted from a wage, such as the employee's portion of their health insurance.  An allowance, though, is an amount added to the wage for work-related expenses, such as gas money and uniform expenses.  However, both deductions and allowance have expenses that can be taxable and non-taxable, making the process difficult for someone unfamiliar with payroll taxes.

Rest assured, Sota Bookkeeping will be able to differentiate between the two, and paychecks will always be accurate.​

Other important factors we take into consideration include:

  • Insurance contributions

  • Minimum wage increases

  • Tax changes

  • PTO accrual policies

  • Unemployment insurance

Payroll Manager

You Save Time

Payroll is a lengthy process if you are new to it or have many employees.  I know that, as a business owner, you have several talents and expertise that go towards growing your business.  That's why I encourage you to focus on your strengths and let me focus on your payroll.

Save Time

Quarterly & Annual Reporting

I'll take care of filing and handling all the essential payroll taxes so you don't have to worry about paying any extra penalties or interest.


Some examples:

  • W2

  • Form 941

  • Form 940

  • 1099s

  • Workers Comp Audit


You may be eligible for a
20% lifetime discount
on QuickBooks' payroll services!

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